Nellie & Andrew's wedding

I worked with wedding planners Knot & Pop on this amazing wedding. It was one of those giant, never-ending budget wedding, allowing us to create a beautiful experience for the guests, from bespoke invitations & enveloppes to planetary escort cards and handmade props for the photobooth. The theme for this wedding was Jazz in the Jungle at night, and the couple also really loved Kandinsky's paintings. So we came up with this library of marbling patterns and hand-drawn jungle elements, playing it cool with a sans-serif typeface and some icons here and there.

It was amazing seeing all the elements coming together on the wedding day. Trinity Buoy Warf got transformed into a magical jungle, with marbling elements all over the place, and a jazz band playing in the background...

Gaphic design, illustration and pattern making.

Client: Nellie and Andrew + Knot & Pop | Year: 2016