Mélanie Johnsson
Anatomy notebooks.jpg

Ana Tomy x MJ

I am really happy with this colourful collaboration with Ana Tomy. I wanted to create joyful and meaningful covers for these (almost completely) personalisable notebooks and planners. There are two designs: Creative Juice and Self Love. One is for all your drawing needs and getting those creative juices flowing. The other one is a notebook for self-reflection and self-love, meant to help you calm down and re-center. Both are hopefully super fun and will inspire you!

Here is a little something from Ana Tomy that I definitely relate to and that made me want to collaborate with the brand: “We celebrate diversity and encourage individuality because we accept weirdness is the source of our character and creative powers. Weird is who we are, the best parts, not perfect, not trying — just ourselves. That is why we believe in a personalised future.”

Read more about the collaboration on the journal.

Client: Ana Tomy

Year: 2019

Photography: Ana Tomy