Mélanie Johnsson

Books I love

Joyful book.png


Written by Ingrid Fetell Lee

What is it about? It’s all about joy! Ingrid came up with 10 aesthetics of joy and explains in the most inspiring way what they mean, where they hide and how to find them!

Why I love it: This book is the most joyful book I’ve read in ages! It made me realise that joy is everywhere around us, and made me want to spread it more!


The secret lives of colour

Written by Kassia St Clair

What is it about? You will have guessed it…Colours! It’s all about the history behind colours, where they come from, what they mean…It’s fascinating and so well-researched.

Why I love it: I love to know where colours come from and why we’re so into them. Kassia’s stories are very inspiring and I love to refer to them when I pick a colour for a project!

Artistic voice.png

Find your artistic voice

Written by Lisa Congdon

What is it about? It’s about the wonderful path to finding your own creative voice and accepting that it’ll be a crazy, wonderful, at times daunting, journey!

Why I love it: Lisa is such a inspiring human. I loved reading about her ideas on creativity and her vision on how to help other humans achieve their dreams careers!


The soul of an octopus

Written by Sy Montgomery

What is it about? This book is about octopuses but also so much more than that. It’s about a woman’s journey to bravely keep on learning (and feeling) and pushing her own limits to get closer to these wonderful creatures.

Why I love it: It’s easy: I am obsessed with octopuses. They are my favourite creatures on earth. This book made me fall in love all over again.

Big magic.png

Big magic

Written by Elizabeth Gilbert

What is it about? This book is all about creating without fear and welcoming creativity when it knocks on your door.

Why I love it: I love everything Elizabeth Gilbert writes. This book was so inspiring and helped me feel fearless when it comes to creating. It also helped me understand how organic things need to be sometimes, that creativity can’t be rushed.