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Plan your year - Black

Plan your year - Black


Download these 3 black and white printables to start planning your year…2019 is going to be a great one! And don’t forget the most important thing: take care of yourself so you can take care of business! (Tip: Print these on coloured paper for a pop of colour!)

  1. Resolutions: What will you focus on in 2019? Spend more time with your loved ones? Read more books? Stress less? Start kickboxing? Who said you can’t do it all?!

  2. Travel Plans: Where do you want to go? What country has been on your dream list forever? The wait is over, plan it, budget it and make it come true! Iceland, Mexico and Costa Rica are on my 2019 bucket list…what’s on yours?

  3. You, You, You: This year is going to be all about self-care. Your mental health matters as much as your general health, if not more! You have to take care of yourself and your precious mind first. I know meditating is on my list…although I have tried and tried and find it so hard! But in 2019, we’re persevering, aren’t we?

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Hope you enjoy this download! Don’t forget to show me your printables in action by tagging me on Instagram @melanie.johnsson. Can’t wait to see how you plan your year!

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