Mélanie Johnsson




Share your mental health story here anonymously (or not).

We’re all humans and we all have stories about our mental health: how it has its ups and downs, how some of us suffer from depression and anxiety or panick attacks and other disorders. We shouldn’t feel shame or blame ourselves when we go down…Because we’re all in this together, struggling behind closed doors, afraid to speak about these issues. We need to change this. We need to say that #itsoknottobeok as long as we share how we’re feeling. As long as we communicate about these issues and lift the stigma.

By sharing your story here, you acknowledge and agree that your story may be shared on my website and social media, anonymously or not (If you didn’t write a name below, I won’t know who you are! But it doesn’t matter…What matters is that you’re sharing your story and by doing so, you’re helping me raise awareness about mental health).

I will be hand-lettering extracts from your story, or maybe the whole story. What’s important to me is to show everyone that #itsoknottobeok and that we’re all struggling in some ways…Sharing is caring, and together, we’ll make the world a safer place for our minds!