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Resources: 4 photographers to inspire you

carlota 1.jpg

Carlota Guerrero

The (already famous) fashion photographer

  • She works from....Barcelona, Spain.
  • She is represented by...We Folk.
  • She loves...shooting on film.
  • She worked with...Solange on her album 'A seat at the table'.
  • She focuses on...the female body in all its glory.


I love Carlota's pastel, blurry, raw world where the women definitely run the show. The colour palette is my current favourite: peach, skin, nude, freckles, brown. Human and beautiful.

You can see her work on http://carlotaguerrero.com and Instagram

Image: Carlota Guerrero


Agnes Vita

The visionary photographer

  • She works from....London, UK.
  • She comes from...a family of painters.
  • She loves...anything that doesn't take itself too seriously.
  • She won...W magazine's competition The Shot, in 2016.
  • She uses...Instagram to cast young talented models.


I'm in love with Agnes' super sleek aesthetics and her mastery of colour and composition. She is truly amazing and her photographs always leave me speechless.

You can see her work on http://agnesvita.com and Instagram

Image: Agnes Vita


Pierre & Florent

The pop duo of photographers

  • They work from....Paris, France.
  • They love...shooting the model Garance Rochoux-Moreau.
  • They've worked with...Jour/né & Castelbajac, but not only.
  • They shoot for...fashion and music, but not only.


I love Pierre & Florent's eye and sense of humour. I obviously also adore their bright colours and play with graphic elements, especially in their series for Castelbajac Paris.

You can see their work on http://www.pierreetflorent.fr and Instagram

Image: Pierre & Florent

Tim corals.jpg

Tim Flach

The magician photographer

  • He works from...London, UK.
  • He enjoys...the controlled chaos of photographing animals.
  • He was influenced by...Irving Penn & Guy Bourdin (amongst others)
  • He likes to...feel first, reflect after.


I'm in awe of Tim's Endangered section on his website, where you can find a myriad of photographs of endangered species, from corals to white bellied pangolins...His work is magical and eye-opening.

You can see his work on http://timflach.com

Image: Tim Flach


Hope you enjoyed this little selection!

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