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The August Round-up


A round-up of a few things I've discovered and loved this month.

Image from The Fourth Element

Image from The Fourth Element

Read, heard and loved

Image from Batoko

Image from Batoko

Sustainable fashion & beauty  

  • Eco-friendly swimwear and amazing patterns from Batoko.

  • Sustainable menswear and cool boardshorts from Outerknown (famous surfer Kelly Slater's brand).

  • All the beautiful and ethical things on Antibad.

  • Soft and eco-friendly basics from Boody.

  • Eco-conscious sunscreen for surfers and green dreamers from SeventyOne Percent.

Image from The Jungalow

Image from The Jungalow


  • Get lost into a jungle dream at the Jungalow.

  • All you need to live plastic-free on &Keep.

  • Cute plants and pots from Botany in East London.

  • Beautiful aerial photography from Kevin Krautgartner.

  • Travel and dreams on The Vista (check out their Kauai travel guide!).


Hope you enjoyed this little selection! 

Looking forward to September now...