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Surfboard Revamp


A couple of months ago, Mike and I decided to buy an old surfboard on Ebay and revamp it completely so I could kite surf with it! I thought that was a much better idea than buying a brand new one. Recyling and revamping is the way to go! Also, painting directly onto objects had always been something that I was attracted to, so I knew that when we’d finish fixing the board, I would give it a new, bold and colourful look!

But before I could start having fun painting on the board, there was quite a bit of work to be done. Work that I’m very grateful Mike is really good at…

Now, let’s take a look at this revamp!


Buy a second-hand board and do silly poses with it, just to show how it originally was. Can you see the big dent in the middle? That’s what we had to fix! We wanted to make sure the board was strong enough for me to ride it in the end.


Board revamp_1.jpg

We had to get rid of the old pads (the dark grey bits) to be able to fix the board and then sand it down. Getting rid of the glue was nearly impossible but we did it!


Revamp 3.jpg
Revamp 7.jpg
Revamp 4.jpg
Revamp 8.jpg

And then, once it was all sanded down… it was time to fix the board. That was Mike’s last bit of work on this project, but what a bit! He did a great job and after a few days, I was finally able to start spraying colour on the surfboard…

STEP 3 & 4

Completely in love with this yellow and pale pink combination... Love my pink fins too.

And now, the BEST bit: painting all over the board! I chose to use Posca Markers of two different shades of blue. After having done a little Photoshop mockup to see how the illustration could turn out, I started painting directly on the board…SO much fun!



Have your picture taken doing silly poses with the board (again) and then go ride it…Verdict: It’s amazing! I love it so much and now can’t wait to revamp another surfboard.

FINAL result


Et voila! Hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes. You can see more and follow my adventures on Instagram @melanie.johnsson