Mélanie Johnsson


Stories from behind the scenes...

By the sea


I am writing to you from a corner of my sofa, a shawl over my shoulders (it's snowing right now in Margate), listening to a very special record I picked up from Cliffs earlier: Music of the South Seas! A visit to Tahiti, New Zealand and Rarotonga.

This beautiful music coupled with my little family of tropical plants is taking my mind straight where I'd rather be right now. I'm closing my eyes and dreaming of an island in the South Pacific, with placid waters, lofty coconut palms and golden sun-drenched beaches...The breeze on my cheeks, the soft sand between my toes...It's heaven. Please let me stay there forever and live in an eternal summer.

Oh no, I got carried away again. I almost forgot why I am writing this little entry for the journal from my sofa. Ok, let's leave Tahiti for now and come back to freezing England. I remember now. I just moved to Margate and wanted to show you bits of my new home! I found a place to live 4 minutes from the sea. It's all fresh and new, so still very much a work in progress in terms of homewares and furniture...But you might still want a peek into my new space!


Industrial meets jungle

My idea of a cosy living room.


The living room is gigantic, so I really wanted it to feel cosy. I mixed neutral colours with monochrome geometric patterns and some gold. The only colour I'm bringing into this mix is green! Green cushions, green rollerskates...green plants! Lots and lots of plants, and more to come. I want my living room to feel like a little jungle. I love plants so much (you probably already knew that!). They bring life to a home. And they look wonderful. I also appreciate that they never mind when I choose weird, ridiculous names for them. 

Eventually, I would love to get myself one of those wonderfully lush green velvet sofas...But it would be kind of outrageous for me to have two sofas just for myself. I guess I need to make friends in Margate so I can have dinner parties and a good excuse to get myself a second sofa! In the meantime, I could get a pretty armchair to satisfy my green velvet obsession...


I love to get fresh eucalyptus and put it in vases around my home.

It smells and looks amazing and has purifying properties. Also, it lasts forever!

Home 2.jpg
Living room 4.jpg

An open kitchen  calls for...

fun times cooking delicious meals.


I love my new kitchen space. It's airy, functional, and has this big, convivial table made of slates that calls for dinner parties (or workshops?!) with friends. Having lived in London in smaller flats before moving to Margate, I always thought owning a huge table to host dinner parties would never really happen because of the lack of space. But I love them so much! I associate a big table with convivial and happy moments, a meal shared together, laughter, important and silly conversations about life. So you guessed that I'm very happy to now have one of these.

Not pictured here are industrial-looking stools that I just bought and that fit perfectly with the table...I only own three for now, but I will probably have to get more soon. On the to-do list is also to repaint the table legs. I want them black or dark grey to fit the rest of the kitchen. I will do it once the weather is a bit more agreeable and I can do some DIY outside the house...


Can you tell I 'm obsessed with greenery? I got all these plants from Mar Mar in Margate, they have a great selection and the shop is really beautiful.

These hanging plants coupled with some gold hardware add pops of colour to the spaces.


I will show you more of my new home soon! Just waiting to be a bit more settled...and I do feel like the studio space and the bedroom need a bit more work.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the living room and kitchen space though...It will probably change over time but I thought it would be fun to be able to go back and see how it all looked in the beginning! I'll keep you posted on how it all evolves.