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New work: Ana Tomy x Mélanie Johnsson


I want to share with you what Ana Tomy wrote about our collaboration. It’s been such a blast working with them and I am so very pleased with how these notebooks came out! I can’t get over how special and luxurious they look in real life! Visit https://ana-tomy.co to get yours if you wish and see more of Ana Tomy wonderful work and notebooks!


Following text and pictures from Ana Tomy

Every year we work with a couple of artists to come up with our art covers. Ana tomy x melanie johnsson is one of our 2019 collaborations that we are so happy to announce. Melanie is a great artist and we love how her art is always so fun, colourful and full of life as a person she is. 

Anatomy 1.jpg

Why did we decide to work with Melanie?

Being a small startup with only a handful of core founders, it is tough, long hours and sometimes we start to forget that we should be having fun along the way. Seeing Melanie's art reminds us of that and we decided to do this collaboration as we also hope that when you use and look at this book, you will remember that we are Working to Live and not Living to Work and remember that we should not only be working hard, we should also remember to Play! 

What is so different about this collaboration?

As everyone knows, ana tomy is about enabling the customer's creativity. We want the customers to be involved in creating the product. So for this collaboration, we troubled Melanie to create more art covers and involved her fans as well as ours to be involved and decide which covers they want us to develop further. 

Which two designs are we making?

The 2 designs (chosen by all our customers and fans) are "Creative Juice" and "Self-Love". Here is a little about how Melanie came up with the designs.

Anatomy pics lighter_2.JPG
Anatomy pics lighter.JPG

Creative Juice

The design "Creative Juice" is created to become an idea book/sketchbook for her to ink down her creative ideas. It is her depository which she can come back to develop her ideas further. 

We love this design and are so happy that Melanie's fans and you all agree. As designers, there is always a time when we are dry of ideas and often we wish for a "creative juice" where we can just drink out of and ideas would come flying into our heads. Well, now you can create your "creative juice" by starting an idea book to put all your ideas (be it good, be it not so good, or even bad) so that you can refer to it when you need some "creative juice".

Recommended Book Inserts for "Creative Juice" (For developing Ideas) - 1. Sketch Paper, 2. Blanks, 3. Half Lines, 4. Grids, 5. Dots

Anatomy pics lighter_1.JPG

Self Love

"Self Love" is created as a book cover design for Melanie's Gratitude Journal for her to write down thoughts, to get things done and share ideas around mental health. 

We were sort of mixed between "Self Love" and another design. But we decided to go for Self Love. Why? Well, the world is getting smaller and more complicated. We are bombarded with endless media, news and everything else... It can get a little stressful and crazy. You need to think a little about yourself rather than just get caught up in the crazy rat race. We should Work to Live and not Live to Work so spend a little time to reflect and reward yourself for all the hard work you are doing, start a habit journal to motivate you to take care of yourself more by exercising, to drink more water, etc. 

Recommended Book Inserts for "Self Love" (Self Love) - 1. Lines, 2. Habit Tracker, 3. Tasks, 4. Grids, 5. Calendar