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South Africa #2 • Exploring


About a month ago (I know, I know, this journal entry is VERY LATE, but better late than never right?!), Mike and I decided to go explore the Southern Peninsula around Cape Town. A few lovely and local gals from Instagram recommended me places and drives that needed to be seen and done, so we were expecting some beautiful landscapes…and we weren’t disappointed!

Road trip CP_35.JPG

Misty Cliffs

First stop, Misty Cliffs. We already knew about this place because it is a well-know kite surfing beach with gorgeous waves. We drove approximately an hour from our home to get to Misty Cliffs, through the mountains (it was really pretty!) and then, obviously, by the sea. We couldn’t kite surf when we got there as it wasn’t windy, but instead we had a lovely picnic on the beach and enjoyed the really harsh midday sun. I’m pretty sure I saw a shark in the water too! (Or at least, a fin…).

Road trip CP_1.JPG
Road trip CP_8.JPG
Road trip CP_2.JPG
Road trip CP_11.JPG
Mel flying.jpg

Simon’s Town

Next stop, Simon’s Town and Boulders Beach. We knew we had to go there to see some penguins! I had already seen some when I traveled to South America, but Mike had not, so he was very excited at the idea of finally seeing penguins in real life! I’ll admit that I’m very smitten with these beautiful and slightly clumsy creatures. We did not pay to go to their little “private” beach because we both felt it would be too intrusive. We were happy watching them from afar. Although it mostly seemed like they were watching us and wondering why we looked so amused!

I particularly loved seeing all the “Careful, penguins crossing the road” or “Check underneath your car for penguins“ signs all around town! They really made me laugh.

Road trip CP_14.JPG
Road trip CP_16.JPG
Road trip CP_23.JPG
Road trip CP_29.JPG

On the subject of signs, Mike was really into the “Baboons!” one (see picture below). Most of the signs along the road mentioned how dangerous baboons are, so we weren’t too keen on meeting them on our little road trip around the mountains! (P.s: Can you see what I did there?! Putting these two pictures next to each other?! Hahaha!)

Road trip CP_30.JPG
Road trip CP_41.JPG
Road trip CP_33.JPG

Chapman’s Peak Drive

This was probably the best part of our little road trip. We drove all the way around the peninsula, and it was oh so beautiful. Winded roads around the coast really reminded me of my favourite place on earth: Corsica. The views from Chapman’s Peak left us breathless. It looked majestic. I’m not even sure the pictures give these sea and mountain views justice.

Road trip CP_38.JPG
Road trip CP_46.JPG
Road trip CP_45.JPG

The picture above is my favourite from the whole trip. There is something beautiful about the point where the ocean meets the mountain and the white water creating patterns by the shore. I love the colours, those blues and greens and I love the (almost) menacing clouds. Also, you can barely see the road in this picture, but it’s there!

Road trip CP_57.JPG
Road trip CP_59.JPG
Road trip CP_50.JPG
Us being (blurry) goofs…

Us being (blurry) goofs…


And that’s a wrap!

Again, sorry for only publishing now this journal entry about our little road trip from almost a month ago. I thought it would still be nice to share some pictures of it. We had so much fun and the views were spectacular… Hoping to share more adventures soon!

Mel x