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Brush lettering tools

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Here are a few basic tools and supplies to get you started with brush lettering.


You want to find a very smooth paper, heavyweight is better so the ink doesn’t go through. I love loose sheets of paper instead of notebooks, so this one from Clairefontaine is perfect. You can find this pad at any Cowling & Wilcox shop or at Atlantis Art in Old St. You can also find A3 card in small art shops all around London. Tiger makes good cheap pads that you can train on forever before using more expensive papers.

1. Paper


These Pentel Water watercolour brushes are amazing if you want a smooth result. They come in different sizes/thickness too. You just dip them in the ink and you can start! You can find them at any Cowling & Wilcox or Cass’art.

2. Watercolour brushes


These Pentel brushes are already loaded with coloured ink, and I find them perfect for when you’re on the go! They create a really pretty stroke too. Find them at Atlantis Art in Old St. 

3. Coloured brushes


The palette is essential. Try getting a ceramic one instead of throwable plastic ones, you just have to rinse it every now and then, and it’s way better for the planet! You can find those at Atlantis Art in Old St.

4. Palette


I like to buy one of those big bottles of ink at Atlantis Art in Old St. Even if it’s a bit more expensive, at the end of the day, it will be cheaper to get one of these bottles and use a palette rather than buying loads of tiny bottles. Get the Jet black one to start with. And you can play with colours later on!

5. Ink


Those brushes are all of different sizes and shapes (bought in different art shops). I think it’s great to play around with whatever you can find! Experimenting will help you find your own style.

6. Other brushes


There you go! I hope this is useful.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.