Mélanie Johnsson

MOO - Festival of Fonts

I was asked (along with 4 other illustrators/designers from around the globe) by MOO to design cards celebrating all things font and typography. Our brief was pretty straightforward: we each had to tell the story of how we incorporate fonts into our designs – using our style, creativity and unique twist.

Here is what I came up with...

It’s time to realise we can still change things around and protect all the marvels the earth has to offer. Let’s put the pieces back together and start acting to preserve our environment. Mixing a visually strong, bold, audacious typeface (the Futura) with hand painted colourful illustrations, to invite people to discover and enjoy the beautiful animal species we need to preserve. I also like that the word PRESERVE works both in English and French. The back of the postcards will all be the same and have 10 easy tips to start preserving/protecting the environment. Little changes everyone can do to have a positive impact.


Client: MOO 

Year: 2018

Photography © Mélanie Johnsson