Mélanie Johnsson



Graphic Design

Graphic design is my first love, so rest assured that I will feel passionate about creating the best visual identity for your project. I believe having a strong and unique identity is one of the most important thing determining the success of a brand, whatever field it's playing in. I also love to think that bringing together hand made elements such as brush lettering and bespoke illustration to a digital world will make you shine brighter than everyone else.

You might need a branding suite or just a logo design... or maybe some invitations designed for your next event? I also love doing packaging design, if that's something you're looking for.

Or maybe you need something completely different no one has ever done before? I will help you figure it out. 



Packaging Design



Branding Suites 

& Logo Design 



Design for Events


Do you have a special project that doesn't fit into any of these categories?

Just drop me a line at design@melaniejohnsson.com and we can start chatting about it. Don't be shy, special projects are my favourite!


Bespoke Lettering

Do you need some bespoke lettering for your brand, your website, newsletter, or maybe even packaging or promotional material? I can create brush lettering with several mediums for different effects, for an online usage or for large scale print. There is no such thing as a project too small for some bespoke lettering to brighten it up!



Do you need one big illustration for a special project? Or a few little ones for an article in your magazine? Or maybe original illustrations for your brand? Whatever you're dreaming of, I can certainly help with it. Get in touch now so we can start creating together.


Want to learn about the process?