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🌈 Rainbow Macramé Workshop 🌈

🌈 Rainbow Macramé Workshop 🌈


with Madame Soussou

Who doesn’t like a rainbow?!

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Come hang out with us at my studio in Margate to create your own little rainbow macramé! It could be made to decorate your own walls or it could be made to gift to someone special this Holiday season, it doesn’t matter… What matters is that you could actually make your own rainbow! And who doesn’t want their own rainbow?!

During this two hours beginner workshop in my studio in Margate, Madame Soussou will teach you the basics of macramé and how to make the rainbow of your dreams with the colours of your choosing.

📅 Date: 23rd November 2019

📍 Location: Mélanie’s studio at Unit 3, Jarretts Yard, Thanet Road, Margate, CT9 1BW

💡 Teacher: Madame Soussou

Time: 11:00 - 13:00

🎈 Level: Beginner

💸 Price: £35

✂️ Details: All materials included. We will also be offering some drinks and vegetarian treats

There are only 10 spots available, so be quick to grab your ticket!

A little bit about Madame Soussou:

Madame Soussou, also known as Stephanie Lafourcade is a French creative mind and maker living in Ramsgate. Macramé is more than a craft to her, it’s also about mindfulness and how to bring more joy into your life through art and craft. She’s excited to bring people together to make something fun with their own two hands and spend time discussing the wonderful and almost infinite possibilities of macramé. She is in the process of creating an Etsy shop where you will be able to buy her creations…Keep your eyes peeled and follow her on Instagram!

A little bit about Mel’s studio:

I moved into my new (and first ever!) studio in Margate back in July 2019. I wanted to create a space that would be inspiring and soothing for me to be able to do my work but also bring people in to develop a real crafty and fun community. I like the idea of having this space for anyone to come in (during workshop times obviously), hang out and make something with their own two hands. I’ve designed the space to be a mix between a modern jungle and an colourful inspiration cavern…I spend so much time in there, I wanted to make sure it was the stuff of my dreams!

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